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What We do

Strategize Your Biz is a business consulting service focused on serving the comprehensive needs of start-up and micro businesses. Do you have a business concept that needs translating into a plan? Are you an existing business that needs help in development? Strategize Your Biz will help you develop an effective business strategy that will give you a clear vision, set objectives, plan towards your goals and execute in accordance with specific timelines whatever stage of the business growth cycle your business is positioned.

After an initial consultation, we will aim to understand where you sit in the marketplace. We will review current initiatives that are driving your business and what you can do differently in the future to improve your sales and position in the marketplace.

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Our Services

Business Consultation

Free 1 hour consultation using Diagnostic tools that measure your business development needs.

Market Research

We will strive to understand your market, your competitors and most importantly your customers and create marketing strategies to accomplish your goals.

Business Planning

Turn your passion/idea into a business by using our business planning services. Get clarity and focus to ensure you’re in a better position to apply for investment.

Web Design

From web design, graphic design, logo design, retouching and photography, template web design, custom web design, E-commerce design, SEO & Social Media. Your project will be offered a personal service to suit your needs.


We work with a team of experts to produce web, education, training, corporate and TV infomercials catered to your individual needs.

Lead generation

Speak with our data expert on how they can source and build an attractive list of key decision makers that are in the market for your company’s product/service.

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